The 4513/2018 law founded the Local Energy Communities, aiming to shift from an individual to a collective approach in the sector of RES projects development.

The 4513/2018 law is valid according to the 4759/2020 and 4843/2021 laws.

By bringing citizens together, Local Energy Communities have been created to pursue common goals in the field of Renewable Energy. With the involvement of local authorities, energy providers/energy consultants/trade associations/companies e.t.c. they aim to improve competition, provide local investment, facilitate local and regional cooperation, retain economic benefits locally, address socio-economic needs, and get citizens involved in the fight against climate change.

The Local Energy Communities also empower their members to consume energy more responsibly, contribute to energy savings and help grids become more flexible so they can operate more efficiently. It is no wonder that countries that have prioritized involving citizens also have some of the most successful stories regarding the energy from Renewable sources.