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Sustainable Energy

Utilizing the Sustainable Sources of Nature


Wind power is a sustainable energy source. The exploitation of the wind power is accomplished through the construction and development of wind farms.


Hydroelectric power is a very important type of alternative energy. It is produced from water resources, such as lakes and rivers.


The exploitation of solar power is one of the most important types of energy production. It is accomplished through the construction of photovoltaic systems in roofs, as well as in fields.

Energy Communities

WWS Energy IKE

Maria Beskou

Maria Beskou, Civil Engineer and Consultant for Energy, Communication and CSR issues, is the main shareholder with 99%, as well as the legal representative of WWS ENERGY.
She is a very experienced professional at the sectors of Energy -especially RES development -, Communication, Crisis management and CSR issues.
Her former carrier includes high level positions as senior manager or consultant at Greek PPC (1973-2006), Olympic DDB (2006-2007), Commercial Bank of Greece/Credit Agricole (2007-2009), Mytilineos Group (2009-2010) and Protergia (2010-2016).
From 2017 she is working as Energy and Corporate affairs consultant.

Our Team

Our company consists of several executives with full knowledge of the relevant legislation and rules, as well as great experience in the development of RES projects.

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